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Cyber Black

All Zack Fair could do was watch as the machine lowered the coffin into the ground. He wanted to close his eyes. The priest's memorized speech fell on deaf ears.

As the coffin touched the bottom of the grave, Zack began to feel raw all over again. Every time the tossed dirt struck it, he called upon more and more of his strength to keep him stable.

There was no one to help him. Most of the attendees were aunts, uncles, cousins, and distant relatives; his parents had died a short while ago.

He looked at the tombstone, a glossy thing with fancy letters, and gritted his teeth in disgust. The letters read:

Here lies

Cloud Strife

A joyful spirit dwells in heaven

, he sneered.

Even if Cloud was happy where he was now, Zack was definitely not. As selfish as it may have seemed, he could barely endure that his old friend was no longer with him.

Worse still, most of the gloomy faces surrounding him were all for show. It was safe to assume that more than half of them hardly knew who Cloud was.

A lump built up in his throat, and he turned and walked away from the funeral.

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