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fan work by carryonwaywardwriter adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

CW High

Thea Queen was already bored as she slid into her seat and class hadn’t even begun yet.

She reached her hand back, last night’s homework being put into it and she quickly scribbled her name across the top as she mumbled a thanks to the girl behind her.

She leaned back in her desk, her posture lacking as much concern as she did as the teacher called the roll.

“Thea?” Her science teacher called as he looked at her, front row and center. “Thea?” He asked again when she didn’t answer.

“Seriously? You’re looking right at me, am I here? You tell me.” She knew that she shouldn’t speak to her teacher like that, it was probably more Ollie’s style than hers, but she didn’t care.

Nor did she care when she was sent to the Principal’s office before 9 AM on a Monday. Surely anything had to be better than this.

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