Cute High Fanfiction Events and Exchanges LOVE!
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Cute High Fanfiction Events and Exchanges LOVE!

"Ah, it's already December." En sighed. The Defense Club, minus Yumoto, was at the Kurotama's baths, preparing themselves to enter the furo. "The year is already ending.

It means holidays, and then graduation. All of it is a pain."

"You just don't want to leave Binan High, right, En-chan?" Atsushi asked.

"You're joking, right?" En cocked an eyebrow. "I hate school. I hate having to study.

I don't even care if I don't pass to any college, as I don't want to eventually find a job and be completely dead on the inside."

"You say as if you aren't already." Io smirked jokingly. "The times I've seen you look alive were few and far between."

"Ah, Io..." En sighed again, finishing up his preparations. "When you become a third year, you'll understand how tiresome it is."

"No, I'm pretty sure I won't." Io chuckled. "I think that's not a third year thing. It's a Yufuin-senpai thing."

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