Cut Strings
Cut Strings to move beyond the longing looks stage okay stories

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Cut Strings

General Grievous flipped away from the Jedi Knight, simultaneously blocking his onslaught of lightsaber blows with his own two lightsabers.

The Jedi’s blue lightsaber flashed against the blue and green weapons Grievous favored.

“In the name of the Republic, you will be brought to justice,” the Jedi said somberly.

Grievous laughed as he fought the Jedi and his contingent of clone troopers.

His foot clutched the helmet of one of the clones and he threw him far into the distance as he flipped through the air slicing off another clone’s hands in a smooth motion.

Then he directed his attention back to the Jedi again, pressing forward in a swift and fluid offensive.

“Empty words, Jedi,” the cyborg general rumbled.

He felt the implacable anger that the appearance or even mention of the Jedi always caused in him, but he had turned that anger into a precise and lethal weapon,

rather than the weakness the Jedi believed it to be. Of course, he wasn’t beyond trying to see if he could get a rise out of them, either.

Count Dooku had said that the Jedi never felt more off-balance than when they felt themselves pulled by their own fear and anger.

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