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A fan work by garbage_dono adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


This was a bad idea.

The thought gnawed at him all night, stuck with him through his morning routine, and repeated in his head so many times before lunch that by the time he sat down to try and eat at his desk,

it felt like someone was banging a sledgehammer against the insides of his temples.

The harder he tried to ignore it, the louder and more stubborn it became until concentrating on anything else seemed downright impossible.

This was

a bad idea.

He threw himself into his work with all the determination he could muster – he still had hours to kill and there was plenty to be done, so dammit all, he was going to drown out the arrogant,

insistent voice in his head with as much paperwork as he could find.

It was monotonous work, the kind that Athena loved to groan about whenever she sat down to plow through it and that their boss tended to pawn off onto them whenever he could manage it,

but it got the job done.

The more intently he focused on the stack in front of him, the less he had to stop and think about the bundle of nerves tugging on the inside of his chest as the hours ticked down.

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