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Curve balls

He watched as Sansa walked out the door with a sigh, he knew his girl wasn't happy about the coming visit her mother was making,

but looking at the situation he wasn't too sure there was a whole lot he could do about it.

Cat had made it rather clear from the beginning she hadn't wanted children,

taking care of Edmund and Lysa had been more than enough to last her a lifetime she'd told him on more than one occasion.

But the look of sheer joy he'd given her upon the announcement that she was pregnant had been more than enough to stay her hand and go through to Sansa's birthing.

Once home and lucid she'd told him they'd be having no more, which had disappointed him a tick but one look at his red headed angel and he knew that he was ok with that.

It had been quite evident from the onset though that Sansa would not be the exception to Cat's rule,

she didn't want a whole lot to do with their daughter; which at the time wasn't a bad thing given that Shinigami-Sama kept sending Cat on missions around the country; so much so she'd missed

all of Sansa's  'firsts' without any inquiries made of her own volition. It was that point that had convinced him that Sansa's existence hadn't changed that.

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