Curse Break
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Curse Break

I suppose I should have realized it was going to be one of those days when my daughter came home from school with a teacher's note and a black eye.

"I didn't mean to," Maggie, my daughter, said. She kept looking at me, the note, and then the floor. "Tracey Mathis was just saying really bad things about you and . . I . . .

I just wanted her to stop."

Right beside her, my mountain bear of a dog chuffed.

"Quiet you," I told him as I pinched the bridge between my eyes. I wasn't actually annoyed with them. Not really.

I mean, I'd been in plenty of similar scraps when I was younger, and not a small number of them for a similar reason either.

I was the the freakishly tall, gangly orphan kid with weird things happening around him all the time. Any one of those reasons would have been enough.

All three and it was practically a school bully buffet. It didn't help that I was what my mentor called 'an ornery pup without a lick of sense.'

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