Curious Friends
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Curious Friends

“That girl over there dared me to kiss you.”

Dave’s eyes shot in the direction Zac had gestured. “What the fuck?”

Zac laughed and grabbed the drink next to Dave’s. “I know, right.” The drink had sat too long.

The ice had long since melted in the hot club and the fruit juice disguising the vodka wasn’t doing its job. He downed it quickly, hoping the alcohol would numb him regardless of the temperature.

“Well what did she bet you?”

“Naw, she didn’t bet me anything. She dared me.”

Dave chuckled and finished his beer. “Well you aren’t going to let some girl’s bet scare you, right?” A mischievous look twinkled in his brown eyes and he winked.

Zac laughed and looked down at his glass. Empty. He put it on the counter, out of alcohol and out of excuses, he turned to his smiling friend.

Dave didn’t expect Zac to do anything about the dare.

Maybe make a couple remarks about how he was too good to fall for dares, or some other excuse before he ordered another shot and perused the dance floor.

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