Curiosity War
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Curiosity War

It was Mashu who had gotten curious first.

After all, she often asked her beloved senpai to talk to her about the world,

how it had been before everything went to hell and they started on their mission to fix the timeline and keep humanity from getting wiped out.

So it was only natural she was the first to notice that Gudao never once spoke of himself. Who he had been, where had he lived, how had his life been, before coming to Chaldea.

So, she asked. He'd never really denied telling her anything before, so he surely wouldn't mind this too, right?

"Um, senpai... I was wondering. What did you do, before coming to Chaldea?" They had been discussing different types of work, so it was a good moment to ask, she figured.

"Me? I-- Uh-- Well-- I think Gilgamesh is calling me, asking for more wine!" (He wasn't.) "I'll talk to you more later, Mashu!" And just like that, he fled the room, leaving his

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