Cure for the Common Cold
Cure for the Common Cold but takeru loves him anyway stories

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Cure for the Common Cold

"Are you done yet?" Takeru tries to sound annoyed, he really does, but something about the whole situation is adorable and the words come out more affectionate instead.

It didn't help that this feels much better than he'd anticipated. At least Riku can't see his face.

But then again, Riku's pretty good at reading his mind.

He glances up from Takeru's legs, grinning in a way that Takeru knows spells trouble. "Feeling better yet?"

Takeru hesitates. He kind of does, but at the same time this is a fantastic opportunity to have Riku's hands on him. "...not really."

Riku's smiles widens, almost like he knows what Takeru's thinking.

, because he likes to think that Riku can't actually read his mind.

"I can't read your mind, Takeru. You'll have to tell me what you want."

. "I want some soup."

Riku sighs, sitting up and grumbling to himself. "Ungrateful brat. After I massaged his feet too."

Takeru rolls his eyes. "You just wanted to blow me and you know it." Mentally he pats himself on the back for being able to say that without impersonating a fire truck.

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