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Culinary Traverse

i: Frustration || (Ibusaki Shun/Reader)

Your stomach growls once more for the umpteenth time and you sigh before giving it a harsh glaring scowl.

The clock ticks away, almost as if telling you that you shouldn’t go down and quickly make yourself some food because eating before sleep is not healthy for digestion nor your weight.

"Ignore it,” you tell yourself and you’re just about to until it rumbles again, as if telling you to ignore the clock instead and feed it with food, glorious food.

You, of course, tell it to shut up, intending to go to bed again when it wails.

Damn it all, you’re famished.

Trying to make as little noise as possible, you close the door before hurrying down the steps.

When you do reach the lobby, however, the darkness isn’t as overwhelming, mainly because the kitchen light is on.

Although you do ponder on the thought and did randomly cross out some of your dorm mates just to identify who your buddy for today is, you decide that that’s too much trouble,

so you march in instead.

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