Cub Together
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A fan work by toonfreak posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Cub Together

A pitch darkness surrounds you. The confusing situation is somewhat foreboding. Suddenly, a voice booms somewhere from the front.

"Live from this Shared Literary Venue! IT'S SARDONYX TONIGHT!"

The lights rise! A stage suddenly appears. The set up includes our red gem host, Sardonyx, standing in front of a wooden podium.

Opposite her in the guest chair is what looks to be a very confused pink lion. The cat looks around in a shock at the sudden light display and massive crowd of humans sitting in front of him.

Sardonyx begins:

"GOOD EVENING EVERYBODY! How are you all doing tonight?"

The crowd around you erupts in singular applause.

The gem continues. "The show we have planned this evening is VERY special. You see, this is not my normal venue…not AT ALL.

We are actually projecting our program from THE INSIDE OF YOUR MIND! How is that you ask? Well, you can see me right now, clear as day, can't you? Let's just say, it's MAGIC!"

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