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C's Get Degrees

Bonnie glanced over the cramped dorm room, biting back a sigh. Her few boxes and suitcase were stacked on her bed, begging to be unpacked. She tapped her foot, humming to herself.

Her roommate hadn't arrived yet, which was odd given that she herself had moved in rather late. Bonnie considered beginning unpacking immediately, but the move had taken a lot out of her.

For no other reason at all, she decided to visit some friends instead. She shoved her dorm key in her pocket and walked out of the room, opening her phone as she went.

Before Bonnie could shove the phone into her coat pocket, the phone buzzed in response.

Bonnie grinned and shoved the phone into her pocket. She hadn't been lying- it was cold for early September, and she hadn't bothered to unpack any of her warmer clothes yet.

Squirrels darted across the cracked pavement, clearly all-too used to being around people.

When she arrived in front of the building, she bounced from one foot to the other as she waited for her friend.

Lady's dorm building was older than Bonnie's, but the showed similar signs of age- the same holes drunkenly punched into walls and halfheartedly patched up,

the same unidentifiable stains that somehow ended up on the ceiling, and so on.

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