Crossroads of Destiny
Crossroads of Destiny dastan (prince of persia) stories

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Crossroads of Destiny

Dastan heard a yelp that was all too familiar.

Instantly, he was moving, weaving his way through the crowds as only a child born in the streets could. He hurtled toward his friend's screams, panic seizing his heart.

He was grateful for the pact they'd made not so long ago, when they promised to never be too far away from one another. Dastan soon came upon the loud scene.

A horde of uniformed men were knotted around what he assumed was Bis. Out of the corner of his eye, Dastan saw another three soldiers attempting to calm a rearing horse.

Almost instantly, Dastan deduced what happened.

Knowing Bis's luck, the poor boy had probably spooked the horse accidentally. And seeing as the horse was currently riderless, the soldier that had been upon his back was probably thrown.

The soldier, feeling that his honor had been wounded, was taking it out on Bis.

Such things were not uncommon, and often times, the soldiers were cruel men who took much pride in their position in life.

Most of the time, the common soldier experienced an upbringing similar to Dastan's, and their now elevated rank gave them an elevated view of themselves,

especially when compared to the impoverished class they'd come from. So no, it was not unusual, and it was most certainly within their rights to punish people who mocked them.

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