Crossing the Divide
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Crossing the Divide

"Rin." He moaned as I continued to ride him, his hands gripping my hips.

I had been known as Scourge in Westeros for the fierceness of my attacks and the fact that it seemed I judged with some higher power.

I had been known in Essos as Stonebreaker for the fact that I had formerly been a stone man, though most that had used that name did not know its origins.

The Raqus family in Essos had given me the name Rin as my real parents had been murdered before I was a year old and so didn't tell me my birth name, leaving me to be raised by Direwolves.

"Ah..." I moaned, tilting my head back as my body started to shiver.

I was the last of the Kaari bloodline, a dragonlord family that the Targaryens had tried to kill as well as wipe from the annals of history.

I had married Jorah Mormont and so was now connected with that House. The Raqus would always be my human family and so I was connected to them.

Because of my dragon, who had lent me her powers and essence after her death, I was connected to House Targaryen through Daenerys Targaryen's dragon Viserion.

For someone who didn't care about human matters, I had managed to get myself involved more than I should.

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