Crimson and Indigo: The Wedding
Crimson and Indigo: The Wedding karone/zhane stories

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Crimson and Indigo: The Wedding

I couldn't believe the big day was here. I was getting married to the most beautiful girl on the planet. I was finally getting married to the one woman who made my heart soar.

I could hardly believe that the day was here, I stared in front of the mirror straightening my crimson bowtie.

I couldn't believe that I had re-met her four years ago, during my time as the Crimson Thunder Ranger. It was hard to believe that she was there, in Blue Bay Harbor waiting for me.

I knew that she was going to be my wife, not long after we started dating.

This moment had taken us four years to get to but we knew that we were ready.

Today was the big day… I couldn't believe it, it was happening. I was getting married, married to the one person who had taken my heart the moment that I had laid my eyes on him.

I couldn't believe that I had fallen for his bright blue-gray eyes and sun-kissed blonde hair.

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