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A fan work by kiki_joo posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Criminal Minds

It was eight o'clock on the dot. Kai didn't need to check his watch with the old clock chiming loudly from the town plaza in the centre of the district.

His current position didn't necessarily allow for him to do that anyway; he was wedged in an air vent, surrounded by darkness, waiting.

Below him, the store manager had begun shutting down for the night, rearranging the items on the shelves and wiping counters.

Clearly this wasn't going to be a big heist, especially since Kai never dirtied his hands with things such as pharmaceuticals, but a shop of this size was bound to have a lot of money,

unlike the last one he'd hit.

This one was pristine,

contrasting the weathered roads just beyond its doors; he could almost see the dollar signs above each appliance and handcrafted trinket--that would fetch the highest price for sure.

Metals were especially precious, and could always be sold to those running black market businesses.

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