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Creepypasta Scenarios

As the school bell rang and all of the other kids ran out of the room, you stayed behind. Why? You really weren't sure yourself.

You hated school, hated every minute of it, yet here you were, sitting in your seat, not bothering to move.

The teacher hadn't even noticed, which really showed how much people actually acknowledged the fact that you actually existed.

You honestly didn't even feel like going home. No one cared about whether or not you made it home in one piece.

Hell, they didn't even notice when you were there, so, there was no point in going home. Then, out of nowhere, there was a static noise.

You looked around, but saw nothing that could've caused it. But, it sounded as if it were right next to you, yet there was no one.

You slowly got up, grabbed your backpack and crept out of the room. Once you were out, you ran down the hall, out the front doors and into the humid day.

It was cloudy, but there was no cold wind or rain, making you a bit moody.

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