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So I'm posting this for my friend, who doesn't have or want an account. I'll call her Sam. Almost a month ago, Sam got a message on her tumblr account. It was an anonymous message and it just simply said "nudes". Classy, I know right?
By GregStevenson

Creepy Anonymous Stalker

by GregStevenson

So I'm posting this for my friend, who doesn't have or want an account. I'll call her Sam.

Almost a month ago, Sam got a message on her tumblr account. It was an anonymous message and it just simply said "nudes". Classy, I know right?

She assumed it was a troll and just gave a sarcastic "yes." response and didn't think anything of it.

The anon persisted though, sending another message saying "let's see ;) ;)" and when that didn't work said "put one up for a day, then take it down, give me a chance to see you ;)".

Yeah, smooth, random stranger.

Sam answered, saying "who's "me" tho?" He dodged the question, but Sam asked again, and then he sent this through.

"me? i'm your Friendly Neighborhood Tumblrman. I can't reveal my real identity. Pintrestboy or the Facebooker would know who I was. Aunt Martha would be in danger."

Cringe-worthy, and Sam said as much.

Eventually, he sent another message saying his name was Leo. Sam didn't know anyone called Leo, so she just brushed him aside.

This guy didn't quit though. He sent in "You shy about showing nudes of yourself?"

Sam said no.

He said, "So why not post them? I'd like to see them."

Again, Sam said no.

He seemed disappointed at this, like he actually expected this to work? He asked "well how am I supposed to see your nudes?" and Sam just said "I wonder."

Then he sent two separate messages, first "I won't show anyone, I promise" and then the much weirder, "why don't you show me a little dance?

" Sam was really taken aback by how persistent this anonymous messenger was. Did he actually think this was going to happen? What the fuck?

He even sent her his email address saying "Use this to send me nudes." and "I could send you mine, and then you could return the favor?"

Sam said no, though she had to say it a few times. The guy seemed put out by this, telling her she sucked.

Despite this, he did still go on to ask for "any sexy pics of you wearing lingerie? ;)" and when that didn't work "Or maybe see-through? You have anything see-thru you want to wear for me?"

So all this is pretty annoying, but here's where it starts to get a bit creepier.

The next message said "I'm a bit sad you don't remember me."

Sam was confused, and said "Am I supposed to remember you?"

He said, "I met you a couple of years ago at a party. You lived there, and I knew your roommate- though I've lost contact with her now. We were really high. I'm "your cute little snow bunny".

Remember me?. My name again is Leo."

Sam was still a bit weirded out, and said "My memory is really bad when i'm high. Where was this?"

He said, "It was an apartment.Your roommate was Ash or Ashley or something like that, I can't remember. I was going to be moving back home because my mom was sick.

You told me to message you when I came back, so here I am. Also you promised me nudes, by the way." Sam was getting pretty skeptical now.

Her roommate's name was Alice, nowhere near Ash or Ashley.

"I remember the apartment, but nothing else.

I don't promise nudes to anyone and I don't remember anyone with a sick mom and I'm pretty sure I've never called anyone anything like "snow bunny" wtf."

He kept insisting he knew her, saying that the girl's name was actually Amy, not Ashley, and that Sam called him snow bunny because he told her about the snow he used to get back home.

Now finally, he started to say that perhaps didn't have the right person, and he suggested "tell me your name so I can check."

Sam told him to say what he thought her name was. Now, her real name isn't exactly common but this guy was spot on.

Getting kind of creeped out now, Sam traced the IP address of the messages and found out they were coming from a town less than hour's drive away, from a public wi-fi location.

She was pretty weirded out, and she messaged her former roommate Alice, asking if she knew anyone by that name or description, but she said no.

Things were a bit quiet for a day or two, until things got really weird today.

Sam had been seeing a guy, Harry for a few months.

She's known Harry for years, and he did actually visit Sam once when she was living with Alice, but it was only for about 20 minutes and there were no other guests over.

So today Harry messaged Sam, telling her that he had been sent an anonymous message on tumblr saying "Dude I know you know a chick named Sam and she sends you nudes.

You got any of her you want to share?"

In all of her messages to this weirdo, Sam had never mentioned Harry, or mentioned him or his tumblr on her blog at all.

They weren't following each other (she used to years ago but not anymore) and there is no way he should have known where to find Harry (or who the hell Harry even was!).

Harry asked who this person was, and Sam just said she didn't know. Harry said "Why would they assume I know you? Let alone you send me nudes? Wtf?"

Sam told him it was probably the creepy anon who insists she knows him and promised him nudes.

"I have 0 memory of ever meeting or telling him my URL. Honestly I don't know how they even found my tumblr actually, like you and maybe two other people know about it."

Sam and Harry talked a bit, with her realising she probably has a stalker on her hands. She's understandably a bit shaken up right now.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do? A bit weirded out right now.

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