Creating a Heart
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A short story by elementalcrystals posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Creating a Heart

Kid took a step back, staring at his creation.

He walked around to the back of it and flipped a switch activating the android up. If it started up like he had planned it to, then this without a doubt would be his greatest masterpiece.

When he returned back to the front, looking into the machine. It’s eyes slowly started to open like a human waking up after a long slumber. The head tilted up, looking Kid right in the eyes.

Eustass stepped back a few steps before motioning it to follow him.

The android followed after, the movement was smooth and didn’t have a mechanized sound when in motion. Something Eustass was proud of. He wanted to make sure of it.

He wanted to make sure, it looked and acted as human as possible. Now the only thing he had to figure out was how to program him.

Trafalgar Law, that’s what he had decided on calling the android. Though the android was voided of any emotion, he had kept him company while he was home.

Whatever movies he had, he allowed him to watch it while he was gone to understand people better.

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