Crash Landing
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A fanfic by silentstormsociety adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Crash Landing

Raven Reyes struggled to lift heavy lids, to no avail. They just refused to cooperate. A groan escaped her as she pressed a bloodstained hand to her pounding head.

She could feel the slick stick of blood gushing down her face. It had definitely been a rough landing. With shaky hands, fumbly fingers undo the latches of her seat restraints.

After a bit of struggling, they came free. Raven plunged forward, crashing her knee against the pod's interface console, metal greeting bone.

The brunette cried out in agony.

She was certain something snapped somewhere, pain shot through her as dizziness enveloped her and threatened consciousness, but she couldn't worry about that now.

She had to keep pushing forward. She had to get out of that pod. Earth awaited her outside.

Okay, now just need to get to door handle, Raven thought.

Once caramel fingers closed around the cold metallic latch of the exit, Raven shielded her face and clenched her body tight, preparing herself for the unknown.

With great effort, Raven jerked the handle downwards as hard as she could. The door hissed open, and Raven breathed fresh air for the first time.

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