Covered in Daydreams
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fan work by komatsu adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Covered in Daydreams

They had been through so much. Heartache and betrayal and the death of so many.

They were her precious friends, even Ringabel, and she would do anything to make sure they were safe and as comfortable as their lifestyle and journey could make them.

Anything… at least that's what she wanted to tell herself.

Edea groaned and rubbed a cold towel over her face, especially over her tired, aching eyes. Ringabel's memories were returning full force, and they were overwhelming him - overwhelming them all.

There was only so much he could physically take before headaches consumed him and he was lost in a storm of memories.

He slept either heavily or not at all, depending on how exhausted he was, and the three of them had spent more than one night trying to keep him stable without resorting to drugs or drink.

They worried that his memories might drown out the present, and that he would forget who he was now, and… it seemed as though it would get worse before getting better.

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