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A short story by lovelyartist adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Cover Me Up

The scientist glanced up at the clock that didn’t work and cursed under his breath, unease in his gut and fingers tapping out a rhythm on the pine-colored table.

His chocolate-colored eyes scrutinized the place he had set, white dishes with the nice silverware, a goblet for the red wine he had chilling in the refrigerator,

and a small bloodstone circle that casually surrounded a single tall white candle, just off center so he would be able to see the person that would sit across.

he would sit across.

Carlos banished the thought. So what, Cecil was late coming home. He didn’t exactly

Carlos had planned a surprise romantic dinner to lift his spirits since he had been so depressed after StrexCorp bought the station.

However as Carlos racked his university-educated brain, he remembered he

sent him a text to ask when he would be home, and Cecil

replied that he’d be home at the usual time. Carlos frowned. It wasn’t like him to be so late and not send a text to let him know.

He checked his phone, with the background of a Snap Cecil had sent him a few weeks ago with a lab coat and safety goggles, flashing a peace sign, with a caption that simply read “SCIENCE!

” and an emoticon of an Erlenmeyer flask. No new messages showed on his screen. A few Tumblr notifications, but nothing from Cecil’s URL.

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