Courageous Love
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Courageous Love

She was only nine, a year older than T.K. when it happened. She and the others were transported to the digital world for the first time and they all met their partners, and she met hers.

Kari was later found to be one more digidestined, and after a few more battles, within and outside of the group, everyone was finally able to come out safe and alive.

Their friends, however, would have to be left behind. They parted, an emptiness in their hearts, but hope.

A few years later, they grew as individuals and as a group. The digidestined were called on once more with a few extras; Davis, Cody, Yolei, Ken and Etsuyo.

Davis and Yolei were the same age as T.K. and Kari, while Ken was as well but he lived in a different area and attended a different school.

Cody was a few years younger, and Harada Etsuyo was in the same class and year as she, Tsuki Naku, was.

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