Courage in Consolation
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Courage in Consolation

Aleyn slipped quietly into Ardith's room - she wasn't asleep yet, but she could tell he was trying not to wake her.

While she had been making sure everyone had a room - Kallista was in Vedran's bedchamber, and Dheni was in Aleyn's,

with Warryn in one of the guest rooms and Roscoe safely ensconced in the library - Aleyn had been putting the kids to bed.

They had been allowed to stay up unusually late, given the circumstances, and hadn't put up much of a fight when they were finally taken upstairs,

although Saiya had made some token protests that she wasn't sleepy.

Still keeping silent, Aleyn undressed, setting his clothes aside neatly for the morning.

He'd only worn them for a few hours that day - Ardith had insisted that he take a bath, shave,

and change into something other than the travelling gear he'd worn for weeks on end before they had dinner.

When he crawled into bed beside her, she could smell the sandalwood scent of Vedran's soap still lingering faintly on his skin, and it made her long for her missing husband all over again.

Aleyn curled up close to her, burying his face in the curve of her shoulder, and she knew he was feeling the same.

What she hadn't expected was the erection that was pressing up against her hip.

Normally Aleyn was slower to get going with her, needing more time and effort to get hard, but right now that didn't seem to be the case.

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