Counting Stars
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Counting Stars

He's checking his messages one last time before bed, already up way too late from meetings. Jaina Fel has been absent from the last three council meetings, and he's worried.

When he sees a communication from Han Solo, marked "urgent", Kyp forgets all thoughts of sleep.

There isn't much to it, just that the family is on Hapes and Kyp is needed there as fast as he can manage. It's already a few hours old.

He's got his boots on before he's even realized he's out of the chair.

It's 0300 as he shoots a message to Luke that he's leaving and tosses his hastily-packed flightbag into the cockpit of his StealthX.

It isn't far from Shedu Maad to Hapes, but it feels like he's got the galaxy to cross.

Briefly, he wonders why Han summoned

, not Luke. Spends a lot more time wondering if this is about Jaina.

Then he thinks, "Of course it is. Why else would Han comm

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