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It was a beautiful morning for Julian. The day was clear and cold, as if the world was on the very edge between winter and spring.

That was the warmest that it could get in the northern lands of Hilagaan though,

even if the rest of the world – the rest of the realm of Maharlika – was experiencing the full heat of high summer. He heard that this was the longest summer in recent history.

It had been going on for the past sixteen years, since he was three years old, and yet all he ever knew was the cold and chill.

He didn’t really know why he was asked to accompany his father to the lands outside of their castle and the city it was overlooking.

There were no festivals to attend, no meetings between vassal lords to oversee.

All he knew was that he and two of his siblings were roused at dawn to ride with their father to visit a northeastern portion of their region.

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