Countdown to Looking Glass
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Countdown to Looking Glass

Gibbs sat the glass down next to the bottle of bourbon and read the note for the hundredth time:

Gibbs then, for the twentieth time, poured himself a shot of bourbon and emptied the glass with a single drink.

He followed up by opening the file on his team's most recent case.

Lieutenant Commander Joanna Newsom, US Navy, fought hard to attain her position, harder to prove women could serve their country as well as men, and hardest against her country's enemies.

She earned commendation after commendation, most notably in the Saudi War.

Newsom had returned home, to Fairfax, Virginia, to see her only daughter on a short furlough before shipping out to Panama.

Gibbs and his team arrived at her home and came upon a near riot. After pushing through the crowd of angry neighbors and protestors, the team found the house a complete shamble.

Newsom was executed, as was the neighbor watching her daughter and the house, and the scene had Spetsnaz written all over it.

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