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A written piece by nina_en_wonderland adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


she says.

It wasn't like she had been

to be rude or dismiss him. She supposed, as first impressions went, it was not exactly

to have their first meeting start with a farewell.

He had spotted her across the courtyard, coming out from the school's main office building and lingering to the side of its front doors, for a moment,

to ponder the fastest path to her next destination.

With her usual blank facial expression and firm resting stance, it was just as well he thought it a chance to quickly greet her and introduce himself

She had immediately seen his intentions, deciphered his friendly expression and mannerisms, as he jogged up towards her - but, unfortunately, had no time for it. She was

on her way out.

Living in a perpetual fast lane, she always had places to go and things to do; with her busy schedule, most things had to be arranged a few days in advance - he didn't know that of course,

he was too

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