Count The Headlights
Count The Headlights chicago pd (tv) stories

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short story by sparkagrace adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Count The Headlights

He wasn’t sure how exactly he ended up in this situation. He guessed it was partly wanting to impress his new boss and partly being the new guy in the office.

It was probably the latter.

Jay scratched the back of his head, adjusted his grip on the backpack slung over his right shoulder and took a deep breath.

“Here goes nothing,” he mumbled to himself and headed towards the entrance to campus library.

Jay followed the signs towards the library and walked through the doors. It was huge and he had no idea where to start looking. He decided to head left but encountered a set of turnstiles.

“You need to swipe your card.” The librarian at the reception desk told him in a tone that reminded him of Sargent Platt.

Jay fished out his student ID from his jacket pocket and swiped; the turnstile light turned green and he pushed through the gate.

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