Could it be Us?
Could it be Us? abraham lincoln: vampire hunter (2012) stories

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Could it be Us?

Abraham and Henry sat side-by-side in the carriage. Abraham's eyes were glued to the window, watching dreamily as their now town passed by in the window.

He studied and took in every shoppe, building and house that passed. Abraham had to admit his excitement was nothing short of childish.

He glanced over at Henry; just reading with one leg crossed over the other as usual.

Abraham's heart jumped. The sun leaking through the small, uncovered part of the window shined off Henry's face just slightly. It lit up his pale skin and emphasized his everlasting beauty.

Abraham allowed his heart beat to quicken as he watched Henry for only a moment before snapping his eyes back to the window.

Henry was not 'beautiful', he was 'charming'-- and that was totally acceptable for Abraham to point out. Or at least he told himself that.

The carriage slowed to a stop in the center of the town. Henry closed his book and grabbed his things, which wasn't much, "Ready?" he asked.

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