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The Lees are very nice people.

Ringabel had known this for years, of course. He owed the family a greater debt than he could ever begin to repay, but they had never even held him to it, in this world or the last.

All he could do was try to be a worthy… a worthy *

*, but he felt like anything but, considering how he lounged around Eternia Central Command waiting for orders or bothering Edea and his doppleganger.

He had more than he deserved, and he felt like a bum. An adorable bum, but a bum all the same.

The winter months had seen Mahzer catch a cold, and as a precaution, she’d been placed back into the Central Healing Tower where she could be watched closely.

Besides, the tower tended to be kept warmer than the cold stone of Central Command.

"Go and spend some time with her," Edea had asked him, just a few weeks after he himself had returned. "Father and I will be busy all day today. She’d like to see you. Get to know you!"

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