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“Are you really a wicked woman?”

Daniela looks away from the mirror and smiles at the girl peeping around the door.

Big green eyes, a tumble of dark curls and a dress more appropriate to a beggar girl then the niece of Carlo di Enrico

“I am afraid so.” She tells the child. “You will likely be punished if your nurse catches you talking to me.”

“She thinks I’m asleep.” The girl comes all the way into the room and stares at Daniela with wide eyes.

How old is she Daniela wonders, thirteen at least, too old to be risking her reputation.

Daniela is not ashamed of her occupation, but she does not intend to ruin a young woman’s chance at a respectable marriage.

“The housekeeper says you’re a whore and it’s a scandal that Zio Carlo lets your patron bring you to his parties.” The girl announces, sounding more curious than condemning.

“Some people would call me a whore, yes.” Daniela is more amused than insulted.

Having Ben as her patron allowed her to make a name for herself in Venetian society with her beauty and clever wit without having to share her bed with anyone but her Trollish protector.

“My actual title is a cortigiana-onesta, an honest courtesan, but please, call me Daniela.”

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