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Corazon: Master Father

"Belle, what do I do?!"

Law wasn't the tiny little kid that he adopted anymore, he was almost an adult. It was normal for teenagers to have boyfriends, girlfriends, what ever they wanted.

That didn't mean that Corazon was going to be happy about it. As the large man sat a Bellemere's table, his head was buried in his arms, his hat sitting to the side.

"Cora, you're thinking too much into this." Belle sighed softly, pouring the large man a glass of tea.

"I'm sure Law wouldn't chose someone terrible to be his boyfriend, you just have to have a little bit of faith."

"Bellemere, you don't understand! What if his boyfriend is just like Doffy?!" Corazon groaned, closing his eyes tight.

Doflamingo wasn't much of an influence on Law. About a year or two after Doffy adopted him, Cora gained custody.

He knew that he was the only one who could properly take care of Law, Doffy was barely capable of taking care of the children he already had in the house, let alone a kid like Law.

For those reasons, Cora knew that Law wasn't at all fond of Doffy... but he still worried that a charismatic guy like his big brother would come in, and sweep his little Law away from him.

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