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A work by zara allegra vespertine (zara_allegra_vespertine) adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Watching the tides crash against the jagged stone below, I breathed deeply into the fresh, sea-salt air around me.

Spending two hours practicing my swordsmanship every morning has been a habit of mine, before I partake of the breakfast prepared for my consumption.

Once the sun has appeared behind the clouds of pink and pale yellow, my body is fully awake and alert, my mind ready to tackle the issues that come with governing a Kingdom.

I particularly enjoy my stay here in this castle, especially during the spring and summer months. I credit the fresh air here that helps me keep my mind sharp.

The castle I am referring to sits between Sui and Rid.

Four years ago, this structure was finally completed, a beautiful grey fortress that crowned the top of a formidable piece of rock, standing like a sentinel overlooking the sea.

Her majesty, Haruto Wistalia, only visited this place once, to admire its completion.

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