Cool For The Summer
Cool For The Summer high school musical stories

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Cool For The Summer

Sharpay was home for the holidays and coincidentally so was the boy of her dreams, her performing dreams that was.

She had always known there was something special about the loveable basketball goof, she just hadn't figured it out until her junior year of high school.

Then it hit her, he was her leading man.

She knew that she wasn't always going to sing with her brother, not only was it a conflict of interest, it was actually kind of extremely weird to most people,

and most people were who she planned to impress.

Now Troy had only just arrived home to an empty house, his parents had gone away for the summer, leaving the college freshman alone in the family home. And everyone knows what that meant, party!

Sharpay knew as soon as Troy had texted her, that this was her chance. Gabriella was no longer a local, which meant she could no longer interfere like she always seemed to do.

It was /now or never./ Troy was surprised to hear the doorbell chiming so early, the party wasn't going to start for another two hours, and even then.

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