Conversations from Q-Branch
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Conversations from Q-Branch

“What’s your status Q?” James Bond asked over the coms from Q branch.

He was rewarded with a snort, “I suppose your voice in my ear is a direct result of someone thinking it funny to have us communicating the other way round.” Q sounded amused.

“I’m just finishing up, why?”

Bond kept his voice calm and even, “There’s been a bomb threat. The MET is evacuating everything within a block radius of Pimlico Station. Your current location is within the evacuation zone.”

“Hopefully it’s just a threat,” Q replied. “I’d hate to have my experimental node go up in smoke before I had time to test it properly.”

“Well I’d hate to have my Quartermaster go up in smoke so I strongly suggest you get moving Q.”

James watched as Q’s location indicator on the London map currently up on screen in the operations room started to move.

“I suspect they will be sweeping in from the station side so I’ll let myself out through the Office for National Statistics,” Q commented.

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