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A fan work by siniath adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Something woke me up, but at first I couldn’t get a hold of what it was. It was still dark, so it was hardly possible that morning had already came.

Usually I was able to wake up at the first beams of sunlight without any trouble but that wasn’t what got me out of my sleep.

I shifted a bit under the soft blankets that covered my slender body and it was this very move that brought everything back to my mind. I realized that underneath the fabric I was naked.

I could feel the horror moving down my spine at first second, but I relaxed a bit at the second one. Slowly I let my hand crawl over the mat to find out if I was alone.

As I felt some obstacle in my way I hesitated and sighed softly. So it hadn’t been a dream after all. For now I wasn’t even able to figure out if it rather would have been a nightmare instead.

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