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A fanfic by kajo adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


It was a quite beautiful morning,

which didn't go unnoticed by a shopkeeper who was currently selling canned pineapples to two tired travelers (Nero had taken quite liking to those and Avilio seemed to like sweet things anyway).

"Just when I thought this morning couldn't get any better I get handsome fellow to stop by my shop!" said middle-aged woman and winked straight at Avilio while leaning on the counter.

It caused Avilio to simply look away and take his leave with paid groceries. Nero stood there for a while, flabbergasted, and then also took his leave after Avilio.

"Dude!" Nero exclaimed at Avilio, who just kept on walking with his unchanging expression, not sharing a glance at Nero.

Silence crept on them until Avilio was the one to end it by saying: "So, do you know what we are gonna do next?"

"No idea, but I think we'd better keep traveling into the next town. We are still being pursued by Orco's men."

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