Consorting With Alphas
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Consorting With Alphas

It was quieter than it should be, especially considering the light creeping under his door, shining through his windows, prying open his eyes.  The consort house was

this quiet, and Armin blinked up at his ceiling, stretching as he tried to climb into wakefulness.

The smell of food had his stomach growling, and when he sat up he saw a tray sitting on his desk.

It was piled up with eggs and vegetables, a bowl of fruit filled so high that several strawberries had spilled over onto the wooden surface below.

Now he was frowning, because none of this made any sense.  None of the consorts got their breakfasts delivered to their room, not even the few Untouched like Armin.

They got up at the crack of dawn with all the other Omegas and helped prepare the food.

A consort was only allowed to sleep in if they were being viewed by an Alpha that day, so the Omega could look their best.  Rested, relaxed.

A royal envoy was scheduled to come to the consort house to look at Armin, but that wasn't until the following morning.

He still had an entire day to prepare, to secret away his belongings, to say goodbye to the others.  Though he probably would not be able to sleep tonight, once he lay back down in his bed.

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