Conquest Of Paradise
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Conquest Of Paradise

“You really should, Villa.”

Francesc Fábregas picks up his cup and starts spinning the red liquid in it. His friend, to whom the words were addressed, shakes his head.

“You know I’m against it, Francesc. If we support it, it will never end.”

“It will never end whether you support it or not,” Francesc replies calmly. “There is a reason for it. It’s a good investment.”

“In what sense is buying a slave a good investment?” Villa frowns.

“Look at your servants. You pay them every week. You feed them, you have them live here. And in the end you have one running away with a few rather valuable things.

No chance of catching him, of course, and even if you did, you will have a hard time proving that he stole it, because he obviously already sold all of it.”

“It was one servant. The others I would entrust my life to.”

“Didn’t you say exactly the same thing about that Portuguese boy?” Francesc smirks. “I can’t blame you, he looked really innocent, this... Fábio.”

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