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Disclaimer:  I  do not own Leverage I am only borrowing it for fun not profit.

Note:  I like Eliot/Parker more than Hardison/Parker, although this is more of a friendship story than romance, I might want to do another chapter or two.

Eliot waited, oddly nervous for Parker.  He knew she was out somewhere exploring her “feelings” as she had called it.  What she really meant was deeper feelings more complex feelings; passion.

She had feelings even in the beginning she felt things, he could tell.

That psychic and their little talk in that ice cave proved this, and then there was her relationship with Hardison (on which he tried not to dwell or fathom).

But she hadn’t been sure what these feelings meant, still wasn’t sure as he found out earlier today.

So he tried to help her because they were a lot alike and he cared for her a lot more than he probably should especially lately.  He showed her in little ways.

He had stayed so many times because of her and he didn’t want to dwell on that either.

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