Confessions and Denial
Confessions and Denial chitanda eru stories

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Confessions and Denial

Love. Some consider it an indescribable wonderful feeling that is almost similar to the feeling of being in ecstasy.

Some consider it a mental illness; something that causes a temporary lapse in judgement to one

. Some say that love is something that cannot be defined accurately.

The fact that there are so many distinct definitions for only a short four-letter word, it is only logical for moi to be inclined to agree with the last sentence.

Heck, I even have my own definition of it: Love is an unnecessary emotion for an Oreki Houtarou since an Oreki Houtarou has no plans of reproducing… ever.

While it is true that I have no qualms with myself (to the point where I can say with definite conviction that I love myself),

I admit that the world would be a better place if there were less people like me in it.

What the world needs are those Satoshi types who do their best to be knowledgeable of anything and everything about the world, including the useless ones… especially the useless ones.

They will be the record of everything and anything so that the next generations can know of them; those Ibara types who are perfectionists,

to the point of being unforgiving of themselves whenever they commit a mistake.

They are the ones to contribute improvements and new technology to the world; and finally, the Chitanda types who are ever curious of anything and everything, even the mundane.

They are the ones who will fill the gaps that the Satoshi types might overlook, and the ones to start the drive for improvement that the Ibara types need.

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