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short story by fayedartmouth posted on commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


This mission has been complicated.

Given that Rick works for the CIA and that he’s a member of the ODS, that statement means something. Because Rick’s been arrested in Russia; he’s snuck out of North Korea.

He’s been shot miles from medical help in the back hills of South America.

And yet,

is complicated.

It’s not so much the drug ring they’re trying to take down. It’s not even the massive sale of heroin that they’re trying to stop without official consent from Langley.

It’s not even the mercenaries who showed up out of nowhere, ambushing them just off the coast of Australia and making off with everything they’d managed to collect so far.

No, it’s mostly the fact that in the scuffle, wherein the ODS had been outnumbered three to one, they’d all gotten their asses handed to them,

all of which had left them inexplicably one man short.

“Uh, guys?” Rick asks, rubbing his head. “Where’s Billy?”

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