Complex defects & the Pure that Lure
Complex defects & the Pure that Lure pining stories

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Complex defects & the Pure that Lure

There was something so undeniably pure about him that made me want to taint him entirely.

I grew up in a house full of brothers. I was the youngest of four with a five year gap between them, so I naturally became the walking punching bag. I was always alert. Waiting for a blow.

Or a less than friendly headlock. Any attack really. And I started not bothering reporting it to my father because that usually just landed me a smack over the head for being a pussy.

School wasn't all that different either. Which is why when I turned seventeen and got the opportunity to be that years bursary exchange student in America, I didn't miss leaving it all.

And so I moved in with the MacArthur family. A nicer than nice family who hosted people in situations such as mine.

And although Leo MacArthur was well dressed and proper on our initial first meeting with the family, the second his father and step mother left us to our own demise,

it was painfully clear that he was a naughty shit. Painfully clear that I was going to get along with him.

We had more things in common than just our age and so after dinner, we spent the night on the roof getting high and talking about absolutely nothing.

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