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A short story by facade adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Complete Me

There seems to be a chill about the air as the snow flurries roll within the Zurich skies,

cover the city below them in a blanket of sparkling white painting the surfaces like a winter wonderland of sorts.

The frost of the winter creeps along the edges of the windows of the buildings and the cars lining the street alike, perfectly framing the contents of their respective structures.

There always seems to be something about the winter air that seems to clear the sky above,

something about winter that allows the light of the celestial bodies above to easily permeate the atmosphere of the earth below and grace its inhabitants with their otherworldly glow.

The luminosity of them would have been unparalleled on any other night, any other night.

Tonight, however, tonight their shine is being grossly outdone by stars of a different kind, stars that are touching the earth with more than their light,

stars of a tangible nature that are gracing a carpet of red with their presence, stars of flesh and blood.

Whether you look up or directly across from you, you find yourself met by a bright and promising star of sorts, find yourself burning in the promise of magnificence.

Whether you look up or directly across from you, you will easily notice that there is one star - always one - shining brighter than the rest; there would always be one star shining brighter,

one star’s luminescence seeming to dim the light of the stars surrounding it. One.

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