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fiction by vexedbeverage posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Sometimes it felt like yesterday, at others it was like it didn’t even happen to them but was more like ghosting memories from a film that he had watched years ago.

In reality it had barely been three months since he was taken and the events that followed.

Alex hadn’t been prepared for life to just go on as if none of it had happened, as if they hadn’t all gone through so much in such short a time.

He hadn’t dealt with his best friends near demise or a battle that they shouldn't have had to go through, not at their age, not really at any age.

He hadn’t processed the near misses, and what should have been life altering injuries.

Not come to terms with the fact that he, technically, responsible for leaving their enemies to burn from a fire of his own making.

Nightmares plagued him like a child in a strange house, visions of blood and the feel of lightning running through his veins as time rewound, again and again.

New, terrifying scenes stemming from what ifs and if onlys playing behind closed eyes.

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