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A fiction by ubernerd posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Nos-4-a2 brought his work to bed.

. Two glowered to no effect – he wasn’t paying enough attention to notice. She meant to put an end to this behavior before it developed into a bad habit.

Two pondered for a moment. She just had to break his concentration...

She inched closer to Nos’s side of the bed and leaned against his arm, though he didn’t slow down swiping through his tablet.

She rested her head lightly on his shoulder, which he responded to by tilting his own head down so that it touched the top of hers.

However, Two knew the action was subconscious, so she extended her hand to slowly trail her fingers down his elbow, tracing curved lines over the blue metal. Now

had an effect.

The lid of Nos-4-a2’s optic began to drop and his hand slowed. Still, he kept his focus on that damned tablet.

Two turned her visor to his neck, brushing her fingers over his upper arm, sliding them onto his chest, sapping his concentration.

She used her index finger to trace the ridge along the center of his chest, drawing a tiny sigh from his ventilation system. His focus was waning fast now.

Her free hand reached up to stroke a sensitive patch of metal at the base of his neck, and he relaxed his head completely against hers.

As soon as Two brushed her hand over the panel that hid his data port, he began to give up.

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