Common Grounds
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Common Grounds

Karl Urban stared after the girl who had just plowed into him. He had been about to go inside the coffee shop with Chris and Zach when she came barreling down the sidewalk.

She barely looked at him as she muttered, "I'm sorry". He caught a glimpse of her face though and she was a beauty. He took note of her chestnut brown hair and the hazel eyes.

"Karl, you okay? That girl just came from nowhere," Zach said as he put his hand on Karl's shoulder.

"Yeah," he said still staring in the direction of the mysterious girl. He shook his head and told himself to stop thinking about her.

"Come on let's get some coffee and get back before JJ notices we're gone."

Chris laughed at that. "You know JJ would just roll his eyes and huff at us. We're his favorites." They all headed over to Common Grounds. John had told them about this place.

He gushed about the atmosphere and their coffee. When they entered the coffee shop Karl scanned the place. John was right. The atmosphere was nice. It was simple with a few tables and couches.

A bookshelf in the corner held magazines, books, and some board games. On the wall were photographs taken by local photographers.

There was one that intrigued him so he stepped closer to get a better look. It was a simple photo that seemed to be taken in a forest of some kind.

the photographer must have been surrounded by walls of rock while taking a picture of the above opening.

The contrast of the dark rock, the green on the leaves, and the blue sky came together to make a perfect picture.

The note at the bottom said it was taken by Chelsea Myers and that it was on sale for $25.

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