Common Criminals
Common Criminals enjolras (les misérables) stories

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Common Criminals

Éponine could never forget the day that she was ripped away from her home with her sister on one February evening when she was young.

The servant girl that had lived with them had been taken away about two months prior. But while Cosette was miserable with the Thénardiers, Éponine and Azelma weren't unhappy.

Of course often times Maman wasn't kind, she would often hit and after Cosette left Éponine and Azelma became her targets, and Papa left the house more and more often,

and the business started going downhill as well. But they were fine.

Until the strange man, stoic and foreboding came into the inn and demanded to see Éponine and Azelma. He sported a gendarme's uniform so of course their parents obliged.

He looked at the girls and he tossed a small pile of bills towards their father. "Young ladies such as these have no such business with such common criminals.

" He sneered, offering the girls his hands. "Come girls, I shall care for you and raise you into proper young women."

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